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5506 Fruit Core Stainless Steel Set, Core Remover for Apple and Pear, Kitchen Prep Tool Fruit Core Remover Tool with Soft Handle, Apple Corer Stainless Steel, Kitchen Gadget Dishwasher Safe


Made of high quality stainless steel, easy to use, easy to clean and will last long.
Ideal for home kitchen or professional bakers. Fruit core removes easily from corer head. Sharp blade for easy coring - speed up your cooking and baking. Easy to use. Ergonomic handle to effortlessly twist or push corer through the apple, pear, etc. Your hands don’t have to take a battering with this fruit corer’s smooth handle. It provides a secure grip without the slips, and comfort to reduce the strain on your hands. This apple corer is so simple to use. Just push its sharp blade round the core of your fruit until it reaches the bottom. When it does, pull it out and dispose of your unwanted core. This kitchen tool is sure to catch an admiring glance or two in your kitchen. Its sturdy reliability, combined with its metallic shimmer, make it look smart and functional.


*Not just for apples corer - so easy for you to make a fruit pie. It can also be used to core pears or core cupcakes to fill them. Also is great for baking cupcakes that you intend to fill. Then insert the corer in the cooled cake, and then pop in the filling and then plug the hole with what was removed.

*Safe way to core fruit quickly - as a simple fruit corer, this is a real time saver the perfect way to core your apples in seconds flat please make sure you have the corer directly in the center before pushing down, then push the corer through the bottom, and just punch this in/out. Insert the corer using a twisting motion, don't just try to brute-force it.

*MORE SHARP AND STURDY - The apple corer is made from stainless steel and rust-free. The handle is solid and does not bend when you are trying to excert a little more pressure when coring a harder apple. And it is easy to clean, also dishwasher safe. All stainless construction is much better than plastic.

*GREAT STAINLESS STEEL APPLE CORER - This is life changing Made your life with fruit a bit easier. Perfect for your family who loved baked apples, and it is wonderful to make apple compote with vanilla sauce and it looks so much nicer when the apple is still whole. This tool is great and makes it easy to remove the core without breaking the apple


Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 26

Product Weight (Gm) :- 40

Ship Weight (Gm) :- 40

Length (Cm) :- 20

Breadth (Cm) :- 2

Height (Cm) :- 2

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