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Adjustable Stainless Steel Kitchen Over Sink Racks Drain Dish Drying Rack

Modern Design

Ventilated open-wire design is ideal for quick drying of dishes, fruits and vegetable.

Made with Quality Material

Thick high quality stainless steel pipe is hygienic and durable, high quality plastic connector make it stable and does not hurt your hand.

Adjustable Length

The retractable universal tank drain basket can be adjust from 32 to 52 CM and is suitable for all types of pens.

Keep your countertop and sink neat and clean with this drainer basket!

These dish drainer can place plates and cups, dry or wash vegetables and fruits. The rack provides more space without taking up more of the countertop space, which is very convenient.

The most convenient way of Cleaning, Washing, and Storing Fruits & vegetables Ideal way of draining & drying dishes, cutlery & cups.

Telescopic drain basket, you could adjust the size according to your requirements.


No more messy work surfaces or leaving items on napkins-excellent cutlery and plate organizer to separate clean things from dirty dishes.

The drying rack is fixed on the sink, used to dry and drain dishes, agricultural products, vegetables, and fruits. Suitable for the kitchen. Simplify daily chores and meal preparation.

Dish drainer for use on a counter or over your sink, perfect for small kitchens, and keeps counter clean and clutter-free.

The rack provides more space without taking up more of the counter top space which is very convenient.

You can use this rack in your fridge too, Maximize the fridge and freezer space by organizing contents.

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