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2166 3pc Mini Wire Brush S...

2166 3pc  Mini Wire Brush Set Brass Nylon Stainless Steel Bristles Household Cleaning Brush for Gas Stove, Smoke Machine Tool Burner Tiles Tap Rust Removal Welding Slag Dirt & Paint Scrubbing.

Description :-

  • Mini Wire Detail Brush 3-Piece Set – Nylon, Brass, Stainless Steel – Metal Brushes for Cleaning & Automotive is perfect for all cleaning and detailing applications.
  • The wire brushes set are suitable for cleaning and descaling rust, steel parts, machinery, unfinished metal parts, paint stains, welding slag, special corrosion. And won't damaging the surface or fine features, also be used for cleaning the gaps in door frames, sliding doors, floor tiles, etc.
  • It can effectively remove stubborn stains. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, gas stove, faucets and other corner. The polishing pads pinpoint stain removal in difficult corners Tough brass bristles easily scrub away trapped dirt.
  • Each wire brushes have a hanging hole, special design is convenient for users to hang and store. Save space and keep tidy. And you don't need to worry about losing them after use.
  • Comfortable Grip: The curved design of the toothbrush shaped brush head and the evenly curved lines design of handles, which effectively reduces the grip of the hand and make the user feel comfortable and easy to use.

Dimensions :-

Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 75

Product Weight (Gm) :- 35

Ship Weight (Gm) :- 75

Length (Cm) :- 18

Breadth (Cm) :- 9

Height (Cm) :- 2

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