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2511 Wooden Jewellery Organ...

? Wooden Handmade Oxidised Jewellery Box, 1 Roll Bangle with 5 Compartment Makeup Box with Mirror 

Oxidised Jewellery Box minakari Box. you can use it as a jewelry box. Jewellery boxes are beautiful receptacles for your jewels and trinkets. This jewellery box is made of wood covered with high quality metal foil having good quality velvet inside. It has 5 boxes for earrings n chains and 1 row for bangles. attractive & useful look for lock. Jewellery box helps you develop the habit of taking care of your jewellery properly. This individually engraved box is in fact often collected as decorative box. Using a jewellery box helps - keep jewellery safe so it cannot be lost or inadvertently damaged, keep jewellery in one location so pieces of sets are not separated, keep jewellery clean by keeping it away from daily dust, dirt, and grime. It can be a precious gift item too. This oxidized finish box is ideal for gift at weddings.


 ? Lock System
Superb heritage type lock system with easy operation


? Design
Attractive Design
Inner Material : Wooden & Rexin (Velvet)
Outer Material : Aluminum Foil


? Base Bush
There are 4 bush for better protection of bottom valvet & finishing of Oxidized for lifetime

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